About Us


John Lyne

Company Principle, Dairy Production/ Nutrition Consultant & Member of AARN, FIAAA & ADSA


Tina Saunders



Tom Kilcer

Certified Crop Advisor

Paul McNeilly

Dairy Production/Nutrition Consultant Research/Product Development

Family Members

Three sons actively engage in the pursuit of dairy farming excellence

Dairytech Nutrition was founded by John after 30 years of dairy farming. Driven by an acute knowledge of the vast variations in milk production between Australia and North America, John embarked on a ‘self-education’ program to close that gap. Over the last forty years we have drawn from USA University Extension Services, membership of the American Dairy Science Association with access to the Journal of Dairy Science and subscriptions to numerous dairy publications over many years.

Dairytech Nutrition initially began representing an overseas silage inoculant manufacturer in 2001 as their Australian agent. From discussions with dairy farmers while marketing silage inoculant, production consulting emerged to the point now where John is fulltime on dairy production consulting. Over the last twenty one years of consulting we have developed a number of products combining cutting edge science from the USA with known problems in Australian dairy production. These include: a range of dairy mineral premixes with various inclusions, anionic premixes for transition cows, Loose-Lick minerals for heifers and dry cows, Rumen Calm, CALFMAX and our own Pasture Gold silage inoculant.

Key ingredients to these products are imported by Dairytech Nutrition from the USA and manufactured in Australia by our contract pharmaceutical blender to finished products.

John has three of his five children actively involved in dairy production, two dairy farming, and a third in agricultural contracting who has developed techniques in silage making, summer crop and pasture establishment/management programs and air-blast and drone spraying applications. We communicate almost daily among family members on our passion: dairy farming.

Tina, our ‘can-do’ Enquiries/Admin person, also comes from a dairying family and she and her husband have dairy farmed in the past.

We are in debt to Tom Kilcer for permission to publish selected articles on our website relevant to our fodder cropping systems in Australia.

Tom Kilcer is a Certified Crop Advisor and Certified Pesticide Applicator. Tom spent 34 years as a Cornell Cooperative Extension multi-county Field Crop and Soils Educator and Program Leader for Agriculture/Horticulture at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rensselaer County, New York. For the past 3 years as private consultant, he has been conducting cutting edge research on forage, plant nutrition, and bio-industrial crops in partnerships with both university and private industry. He works directly on farm consulting in multiple states of the US. From solving problems in the broad based farm system to detail answers in crop production; solutions, not the problem, has been the focus.

Paul McNeilly has worked 35 years in the dairy industry in various capacities from advisor/consultant to research assistant in both corporate and university environs. He completed studies in medical technology at RMIT Melbourne and has extensive knowledge in immunology.

Paul joined our team at Dairytech Nutrition in early 2016 while recovering from health issues associated with mycotoxin ingestion. During that time Paul worked on and researched our Amino Acid nutritional project in conjunction with Gary Foster, author of Formulate2 AA Optimisation software (USA). We anticipate Paul will be back in the field shortly as one of our dairy consultants, as we bring our amino acid nutrition technology into practical application.