Our Services

DairyTech Nutrition offer technical support to all our products. In fact, we encourage farmers to discuss with us their needs and situations so that we can ensure our products are used correctly, by explaining the science and applications involved, to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Production/Nutrition Consulting

Our monthly consulting service is supplied without further cost to all farms using our Dairytech 50 RC premix. This service involves the following:

  1. A monthly farm visit for relevant discussion, collection of production data and physical inspection of the dairy herd, dry cows and young stock. Measurement of summer crop yields when applicable.
  2. Preparation of a ration analysis spreadsheet and written report (Key Performance Indicators) on this farm/stock inspection including any observations/issues arising from the farm visit. A Benchmark ‘Key Performance Indicator’ is also prepared.
  3. Preparation of a Dry Cow ration contingent to any given farm’s feed/infrastructural/labour resources.
  4. Preparation of Transition Rations based on feed/infrastructural/labour resources.
  5. Preparation of rations for young stock at seasonal intervals, also contingent to resources.
  6. Grain mix scripts based on monthly ration nutritional analysis and lactation/gestation phases.
  7. In July/August each year we prepare a ‘Feed Budget Post-Mortem’ which is a collation of the previous financial year’s monthly ration analysis. This provides a view of the year’s production outcomes and feed legacies on a single page.
  8. Preparation of Feed Budgets for the coming year, based on the Feed Budget Post-Mortem of the previous year to the goal of addressing all negative influences affecting farm productivity/profit.
  9. We run a “Client Group’ email of articles from various sources relevant to our production system.

Feed & Water sampling, analysis/reports

We submit all feed samples to Rock River Laboratories in the USA for analysis. Water samples are tested at AEL Lismore, NSW. We use the ‘Water For Cows’ system to evaluate water test data and report from that evaluation. Laboratory fees apply for sample testing.