CALFMAX is a soluble blend of Benelac, an ultra-concentrated combination of hydrolysed yeast, yeast extract and yeast culture, plus a matrix of vitamins and minerals to nourish calf growth and development. Bovatec is a proven coccidiostat.

Feed Rate: 10g/calf/day dissolved in milk.

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CALFMAX contains MOS, Glucans, essential vitamins, minerals and Bovatec.

Modes of Action % Dairy Applications

MOS (Mannan Oligosaccharide)

A fermentable carbohydrate source for beneficial bacteria Lactobacilus and Bifidbacterium in the lower intestinal tract. MOS is a pre-biotic.

B-glucans & Toxins

B-glucan causes ‘docking’ of mycotoxins into a single ‘helix’ for excretion in manure.