Dairytech 25 L is a 25g dose rate premix containing trace minerals, Monensin and Lactamuun. The trace mineral inclusion is based on NRC (National Research Council) recommendations with a couple of alterations to accommodate known deficiencies in our grazing based system. Zinc levels are well above most premixes from our experience with swamp fever (grazing summer crops), facial eczema (although not common in SW Vic), mastitis and hoof health. Biotin is a B vitamin well documented in influencing hoof integrity and health.

Trace mineral nutrition has been well documented for many years for multiple influences in cow health, production, fertility due to deficiencies in forages and grains. Trace minerals are essential for many enzyme activities in biological functions of the cows body.

Monensin likewise has abundant research data behind it and has been a standard in dairy rations for many years.

Lactamuun is a combination of hydrolysed yeast, yeast cell wall and sarsaponin derived from yucca cactus. The following pages explain Lactamuun’s many benefits to cow health including the binding of E. coli and Salmonella and mycotoxins. See Pathogen Agglutination (binding) chart overleaf. This unique blend of hydrolysed yeast, yeast cell wall and sarsaponins from yucca has been a standard inclusion in all Dairytech premixes for over ten years.

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