Electrolyte 10Kg

$126.00 + GST

The Dairytech Electrolyte is formulated on the recommendations of the four USA dairy universities who make up The Four State Nutrition Conference. We recommend Dairytech Electrolyte be administer before milk feeding, then TREAT-SCOUR dissolved in milk for scouring calves. Electrolytes are frequently fed to milk fed calves to maintain acid base in non-scouring calves. Electrolytes replace lost body fluids associated with scouring, which is commonly around 10% of body weight in one day of scouring, but the cause of the scour needs to be addressed with Treat-Scour.

Use Proactively

Electrolytes can give a supportive boost ahead of stress events. Examples include extremely hot or cold weather, changes in grouping, transport, dehorning and vaccinations.


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