Gandy Granular Applicators

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Both the 25 kg and 50 kg capacity Pasture Gold Applicators have translucent poly hoppers and matching lids to allow the operator to easily gauge how much material is in the hopper. The weather-tight lid with rubber latch straps keeps the elements out and the product secure.

The Pasture Gold Applicators have 4 outlets, but if not all outlets are required, excess outlets can be blanked off with caps provided.

Both units are equipped with a stainless steel metering housing, a standard bolt-in agitator to assists product flow. The rubber agitator is driven by a 12 V motor. A cam gauge allows easy adjustment to desired flow rate. The positive displacement design means that when the metering stops, all flow stops.

Wiring and a switch are supplied. The most common method of wiring a Pasture Gold Applicator is to connect power through the tractor brake light. When the operator stops to apply net-wrap to a bale, the Pasture Gold Applicator also stops while the operator has his foot on the tractor brake pedal.

Dairytech Nutrition stocks spare parts for both models.